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Body Bruises

Body bruises aren’t pretty.  True, we all end up with bumps, bangs and body bruises as we move about the world.  Catching a leg on a kitchen chair or bumping into an open cabinet door can leave a black and blue mark that will take several weeks to fade away.  Most of the time, a bruise a very minor injury that does not require any special attention; but sometimes those bumps and bangs can leave more than a small mark.  When a bruising injury really traumatizes tissues leaving them swollen and painful, then we might want some help in healing these more serious injuries.

What is a bruise, really?  A bruise forms when trauma to the body causes blood vessels to burst beneath the skin.  When the blood vessels break, blood spills out beneath the skin leaving a puddle of blood that looks purple when viewed through the lens of the skin.  Though the blood vessels below are healing, the spilled blood takes a while to be absorbed by the body.  As the body processes the bruise, it may even spread further before turning from green to yellow, then finally going away.  When a bruise is part of a more traumatic injury, the area of discoloration is also very swollen, tender and painful.

With the holistic approach , the soreness and pain associated with these bruising injuries can be greatly diminished.  Holistic treatments such as arnica, for example, can have very beneficial affects after tissue trauma such as those that occur with more severe body bruises.

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Words from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: In general, this is a common occurence to training or sports where there is contact with the ground or other objects.  A couple of topical items that will help to stop bruising are Traumeel and other homepathic tablets that include arnica. These products will help the cellular damaged region to clean up and repair properly.  Cal Apatite with Magnesium from Metagenics is also a product that feeds the muscles at a cellular level which will promote healing and reduce bruising.


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