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Many suffer from a bloated body. All people produce gas in their digestive tracts.  Gas production is a normal byproduct of digestion and cannot be avoided; but patients suffering from excessive gas often find themselves embarrassed and uncomfortable due to the constant burping, flatulence and bloating they experience.  For those who live regularly with rumbling, distended abdomens and the uncontrollable expulsions of noxious air, a bloated body can become more than a mere annoyance.  It can affect social lives, relationships and general well being.  Constant feeling of pressure from within is uncomfortable and painful, and constant (and often involuntary) release of gas makes for a lonely room.

Why does a person’s body fill up with air?  Many disruptions to the body can cause this uncomfortable condition.  Different kinds of food and drink can be gas producing, as can various prescription medications.  Constipation can create unpleasant feelings of fullness, as can imbalances within the gut.  Even hormones can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating during the normal fluctuations associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Seeing that this problem is one of multiple origins, it is logical to conclude that a multi-pronged approach is necessary to properly address it.  Gas reducing products alone are not enough.  Diet, exercise, and restorative therapies all play a part in the holistic approach to addressing the effects of a gassed-out system.  Through the use of natural health products, gut health can be happily restored and the symptoms of bloated body can be banished.

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A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: 
Bloating is typically a water retention problem that consists of major affects coming from the kidneys and the filtration systems of the body.  Some natural diuretics will help the kidneys let go of some fluids.  Many different urinary tract natural products can help with keeping the normal balance for the kidneys, typically called kidney support.



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