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Bladder Training

Urinary incontinence is a frustrating, embarrassing and demoralizing problem.  Losing control of one’s bladder leaves a person feeling as if they have lost control over their lives.  A problem that more often affects women, urinary incontinence can appear after childbirth or menopause.  Urinary incontinence appears in different forms.  Stress incontinence, where pressure on the bladder from things like sneezing or coughing causes bladder leaks, is a common form.  Urge incontinence, where one feels the sudden urge to go and can not control it, is another.  Through bladder training, both types of urinary incontinence can be greatly improved.

So what is bladder training?  Bladder training is a simple technique whereby a person trains the muscles of their bladder to function more effectively.  One starts by keeping a schedule of the times when they eliminate.  If they tend to use the bathroom once an hour, for example, bladder training would have them consciously wait one hour and ten minutes before using the bathroom.  The person would then wait for another hour and ten minutes until the next time they went.  When going to the bathroom on this type of schedule, it is important to go even if you don’t feel the need, and to try to empty the bladder completely each time.

In addition to this training method, the application of holistic wellness through the use of natural health products can provide a great deal of support.  Using supplements to support urinary health, as well as better systemic function, can be the powerhouse partner to a program of bladder training.

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A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: 
 Bladder training is also know as kegal exercises or even Egosque training with a certified trainer. This is a simple but effective tool in rebuilding the pelvic floor which helps with frequent urination and or bowel issues.  Feeding the bladder and the urinary tract both have plenty of  supplements for these organ systems from Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations.



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