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Bird Flu

Bird flu has decimated the populations of many nations historically.   In recent years, there have been a number of scares regarding new and different types of influenza, or the flu.  One such scare involving N5H1, or bird flu, had laboratories clamoring to create vaccines to address this deadly infection.  What was not often discussed was the people who contracted this flu were primarily those who worked closely with infected birds, or lived in their immediate vicinity.  Yes, for those who contracted this very rare strain, the chances of death were high; but for those of us not at risk, was vaccine the best option?

Some believe that the recent outbreaks of these new ‘super bugs’ are actually a response to the abuse of antibiotics.  Not only are antibiotics widely over prescribed, but they are found in food and water as well.  Factory farmed animals are treated with high doses of antibiotics to prevent infection and to increase their rate of growth.  Because of this, as well as over prescription of these drugs, our water is full of excreted antibiotics that we consume when we drink it. 

So what do we do to protect ourselves from these super bugs?  Holistic wellness, and the use of natural health products to boost natural immunity can be a boon to those looking to avoid antibiotics while still protecting themselves from dangerous infections and influenzas.  Rather than being afraid, we can strengthen our bodies with the holistic approach to ensure that, if they find us, they find us ready to fight them off.  By creating a healthy body and immune system you can create a level of wellness with the strength to fight off bird flu.

A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
Bird Flu would have to be approached much like all of the other viral insults to our body that are in many strains.  Building the immune system with proper building blocks is a fundamental for bullet proof health.  Enzymatic compounds that are for metabolizing and destroying viruses is combinations that are best.  Making sure you have clean water and make sure that you are breathing clean unaffected air will be the most important.


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