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Bad Breath

How to lose bad breath is a common concern for many Americans.  For people struggling with chronic halitosis, or bad breath, the problem can become a difficult and embarrassing one to correct. 

Bad breath can have many sources, only some of which originate in the mouth.  The most obvious offender is poor oral hygiene, but problems that originate in the stomach can also cause bad breath.  If that is the case, a person can brush their mouth raw, rinse with antibacterial mouth washes day and night, and still be left wondering how to lose the bad breath

When bad breath originates in the mouth, the answer is easy.  Thorough brushing and flossing, being sure to clean every surface of every tooth, makes a good start.  Using salt powder on the teeth, being sure to get absolutely every surface, especially those far in the back, can help to eliminate odors that start in the mouth.  Also, paying close attention to the tongue by using a tongue scraper can remove an amount of built of deposits that will shock the thorough tongue brusher.  Use the scraper!  Brushing the tongue is simply not enough. 

But what if all this oral hygiene still leaves friends and colleagues talking to you from a distance?  Perhaps it’s time to consider stomach issues.  By embracing the holistic approach to gut health through the use of natural health products , one can restore proper balance to the healthy bacteria in the stomach.  If the origin of your bad breath is within, the riddle of how to lose the bad breath will only be solved by addressing your problem holistically.

A Word From Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: Halitosis is a byproduct of a too acidic system or at the least the digestive system.  Alkalizing the body is key to remedy this long standing process. Natural soda and mint is a great way to softening the odor of bad breath.  Many different digestive enzymes are key in the fact of creating proper digestion and normalizing the balance of the body.



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