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Appendicitis Signs

Appendicitis can be more disheartening when you know the subject of pain, the appendix, is not necessary in your body. The appendix might have some benefit to help the colon function, but once enlarged or inflamed — thus the term appendicitis — it can become a deadly organ if not treated and likely removed.

Any pain from the affected area, which is next to the large and small intestine, followed by vomiting could be a strong sign of appendicitis. Fevers from these symptoms also contribute to appendicitis signs, as well as nausea. One cause includes any buildup of bacteria around, or mucus building inside of the appendix. Any buildup can cause an obstruction, which can lead to your appendix swelling. With removal and treatment, however, most people are back to good health without pain in a few weeks. This is where health and healing can play a big part in restoring your normal routine. Moderate exercise and proper rest can help speed up the recovery process.

Of course, having pain in this area could mean different things to different people. For example, a woman going through her menstrual cycle could have cramps emanating from the area close to the appendix and not appendicitis.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: The appendix is related to the digestive process, even though many in the medical world has stated that we do not use this organ. The appendix should be given some cooling agents such as a blend of herbs or alkalizing agents like sodium bicarbonate. These cooling agents will affect the way our appendix functions to manage an effective digestive process.




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