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Angina Guidelines

Angina could pertain to anything that involves heart pain. If you feel any chest pain around your heart, then it could mean a lack of blood flow, which is a sign of angina. It might come across as general heartburn after a hot and spicy meal, but prolonged pain could signal more problems. Don't hesitate to look at all options, even if it is a quick pain that disappears.

There are angina guidelines you can follow to steer clear of the affliction, which include cleared arteries, which are essential to maintain a good heart. When a sink backs up, the water is left with nowhere to go. With clogged pipes, the water does not reach its source. It's an even bigger circumstance when blood is left without use — that is, when clogged arteries block its path to the heart.

While not all chest pain signals angina, it's important to maintain some physical activity daily to encourage good blood flow. This kind of cardiovascular nutrition, even if it's just a 15-minute walk each day, will contribute to fending off angina or its effects, such as a heart attack. This is a great way to take advantage of good health and healing. If there is a pattern of heart pain or any chest discomfort, then examine your food choices. Just a few changes in your diet can become very heart healthy for the long term.

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Words from our In House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: Challenging the heart for years on end will certainly start the process or sensation of angina.  Blood pressure reducing vitamins and herbs are always essential in helping angina. L-arginine is an effective supplement that feeds the vessels of the circulatory system.  When we are young our vessels are flexible, therefore, blood pressure is regulated easily.  With the help of the supplement L-arginine you can help and manage the blood pressure and how hard the heart has to work on a daily basis.



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