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Anemia and Dizziness

The health of your blood factors into anemia. While there are many ways to contract the disorder, most of it revolves around blood, as well as the health of your red blood cells. You could have a lack of red blood cells or any other abnormality to bring on this concern. Active bleeding from any source, from pregnancy to ulcers, and even alcoholism can bring on anemia. Any kind of hemorrhaging must be treated quickly, since this is a form of anemia. Oxygen is crucial to a healthy body, and anemia can hold back the instruments, in this case red blood cells, from making your body sound good.

Anemia is not a disease, but it can be processed into other diseases, such as iron deficiency, kidney disease, and bone marrow concerns. For example, anemia is the cough that can precede a cold. Proper blood flow is vital to warding off anemia and dizziness, since dizziness is also a sign of a lack of blood flow and oxygen. Ensure you have the right amount of iron and vitamins every day to help blood support.

Look towards holistic wellness as a viable option to help with anemia. Sometimes you don't need expensive medications; just a short walk every day can decrease the potential of anemia and dizziness while it increases blood flow and fitness. To take care of the body and mind is crucial.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: Being anemic has a few ramifications that are brought on by an iron depletion which limits the production of red blood cells.  There are many of the other ultra-trace minerals that are also essential for building up the power of blood cells and their oxygen carrying ability. Using L-arginine is a great way to feed the red blood vessels and circulatory system which  transports and assists our red blood cells and how well they function.



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