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Alcohol Concern

Alcohol concerns are the first sign of an individual’s awakening of his or her own diagnosis of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a devastating illness that destroys everything it touches. When patients are in the throes of alcoholism, relationships collapse under its strain, job after job is lost, and physical health crumbles as the patient is seized in the grip of alcohol concern. Recovery from alcohol requires support on psychological, emotional and physical levels if the patient is to regain a healthy, joyful life. It may be time to consider the process to naturally detoxify.

After long periods of drinking, the body has forgotten how to function healthfully. It is awash in a sea of toxins from without and within after years of assailing the body with toxic alcohol. To provide the patient with a full program of healthful recovery, the body needs support during that challenging time. Alcohol detoxification can have many disturbing symptoms including sweats, vomiting, tremors, convulsions, nausea, paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety and more. When alcohol is removed, one damaged system collapses upon another, often necessitating hospitalization and medical support.

Increasingly popular is the holistic approach to recovery from alcohol. Through the use of
natural health products, patients can cleanse over stressed systems and help to support the rebuilding of healthier, stronger brains, bodies, minds and emotions. Natural health and healing that includes diet, exercise and the support of restorative natural health products can give the patient recovering from alcohol the feeling of wellness they need to encourage them in their fight against this deadly disease. When struggling with alcoholism, including a program of holistic support for body, brain and emotions can provide a significant level of support for a patient when they need it most. Finding your way to freedom means embracing your alcohol concerns.

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A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg Dr. Dave States: 
You must first start by wanting and willing to quit your addiction. Then I recommend joining one of many free support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous which provide a safe and anonymous environment to talk and share with other people experiencing this medical condition. Once on the road to recovery it is time to refuel and rehabilitate the body from the previous toxic state. Primarily feeding the liver and kidneys with both nutrient and support based supplements will help your physiological recovery and rid your body of all the toxins.


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