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Adenoiditis, and infection of the adenoids, is a painful and disturbing infection of the adenoid glands most often affecting young children. The adenoids act as a filter against germs and bacteria that can cause illness. They trap these invaders to prevent their spread throughout the body, and produce antibodies to protect against infection. More active in young children, the adenoids are larger in the early years as they play a more important role in protecting the health of developing bodies whose immune systems are not yet fully developed. As a child grows, these glands shrink as the body’s immune system grows stronger, and finds new ways of fighting off infection.

Adenoiditis can be very upsetting to the young children who most frequently are infected with it. Adenoiditis can be very painful, and can block nasal passages as the glands swell which causes difficulty breathing. Stuffiness, fever, sore throat, and painful ears can be some of the symptoms of this all too common aliment in young children.

The good news: holistic wellness can help the body fight off this unpleasant illness, and can support the body’s immune system as it fights to beat the infection before it has a chance to take hold. By using
 natural health products , one can increase the body’s ability to defend itself against invaders, and set up a front line against infection. Seeing your child sick is a nightmare for every parent; but is illness can be stopped in its tracks with an effective holistic approach to adenoiditis.


A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States:
Remember that the adenoids are some of our bodies first lines of defense against disease. You should help them out by adding immune boosting supplements to your diet. This will increase their proper response to arrest an infection before it presents a health problem or sickness. Drinking or gargling with Colloidal Silver is a great way to coat and cool the throat when you have a sore throat. This cooling of the andenoids is always a good idea when you have a fever that causes inflammation in the throat.


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