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Acne Facts

Acne facts are an important thing for the parents of teens to be well-acquainted with. While teens are not the only individuals to have issues with acne they do seem to be the ones that complain the loudest. Many companies will provide acne solutions that will work to dry up acne blemishes but have a far reaching effect on the individual’s health over time. These products contain parabens, a group of chemicals that have been linked in research studies to breast cancer. While the scientists argue this out many of us feel that it is better to be safe than sorry—especially when so many individuals have developed dangerous allergies to the chemicals used in these drugs. Our approach to health and healing is holistic and serves to slowly treat the cause of the problem, rather than the symptom.

Our acne products promote skin cell turnover, improving the skin from the inside out. They are designed to reduce oiliness, free radicals, and diet deficiencies that have been shown in some cases to cause acne blemishes.   Before you purchase expensive acne programs do yourself a favor and get some well-researched acne facts.

A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg Dr. Dave States:
Acne is one of the largest signs of toxicity in adults and teenagers. It is important to note that, with teenagers, not only hormones can play a role, acne is also associated with the teen's diet. High level antioxidants supplements can help clean up and manage the bodies toxicity levels.  Furtheremore, proper skin moisture and hygiene should also be taken into account when combating and preventing acne.




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