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ACL Injuries

ACL injuries symptoms or (anterior cruciate ligament injury symptoms) are the byproduct of an injury to the knee through either active or even, in cases of knee debilitation, passive use. Those experiencing ACL injuries & symptoms sometimes report feeling a “pop” in the knee and the hours of swelling and limited movement. Some are even unaware that an injury occurred. They were walking and then felt the knee give out. It isn’t until several hours later that they experienced the aftermath of the injury.

Joint injuries can be caused by many underlying issues, such as weight gain, hereditary ailments, or the aging process. Still more can be caused by an active and aggressive athletic lifestyle. However, these types of injuries can be either prevented to lessened by a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet, supplements, and exercise. Building muscle and bone tissue supports the joints, as well as, increasing supplemental intake that is intended for the purpose of maintaining joint health. Natural health products are very useful in created whole body health. If you have a history of joint failure or “popping” then it is wise to not only take those products that are useful in building strong joint health, but also increasing proteins and calcium in order to build the bone and muscle tissue needed to support the joint. Using joint care products that contain Glucosamine have been shown to decrease and or minimize ACL injuries & symptoms.

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A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg Dr. Dave States:
ACL injuries are a very specific knee injury that is most prevelant in athletes.  Like all other ligament injuries, a person should consult a physician skilled in diagnosis and treatment.  Given the fact that ligaments need time to heal, we would suggest Traumeel and Arnica to reduce the swelling and feed it with Collagenics Intensive Care from Metagenics.  We have other great products for synovial fluid and cartilage.  Silica is a great way to gloss up the joint space and is a great mineral for the ligaments.




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