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To experience depression is to become listless and almost unresponsive to the world around you. Life has its ups and downs, and those downs can bring on these bouts of sadness. It can begin as a mental funk, but also carry into stress on your physical well-being, too.

This can affect how you think, feel, act and behave. It could come after the loss of a loved one or even listening to a particular sad song. Symptoms could be gone within hours, or persist for days, weeks and months. There are different cases of this illness, such as postpartum depression, when a mother can feel sadness after the birth of her child.

Plenty of life's troubles can wear on your mind and cause these feelings, such as mounting bills, age, medical emergencies, struggles at work (or total unemployment), schoolwork, etc. Life can slow down, which can make you irritable, stumble in decision making, and a general belief that you are worthless.

You can avoid these sorts of downfalls, however. A depression solution is available thanks to a holistic approach. Keep in contact with family and friends who are more willing to lift you up, and take more time to enjoy life. When you key on the positives, even if it's just a playful moment with your pet, then it can carry into other aspects of your life.

Product Category Recommendation: Mood Disorder

A Word from Our In House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgThe bodies brain is a complex organ that needs plenty of support both nutritionally and spiritually.  Spirituality in general is a big part in solving depression.  Although depression amoung humans is pretty common, there is always a nutrient and vitamin that will support the nervous system as well as chiropractic and acupuncture.  Exercise and sunlight are two of the key principle to warding off depression cycles with many people.

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