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Lilybart Greeting Cards

Lillian Bartholomew Royer was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis just before her first birthday. She is now 14. The average age of survival for those suffering from CF is 38 years of age. CF is an inherited disease which affects every organ in the body. Lungs and digestion are the hardest hit. Lily battles the effects of this insidious disease every day. Each day is a fight for breath and life.lilybartshow.jpg

Lilybart is a Greeting Card endeavor we have started to raise awareness of CF and to provide access to Integrative Medical Support. A cure will be found; science has provided a path. The hard part is keeping these children whole and healthy to benefit from these life-giving discoveries.

It was our intent to find a creative process and an opportunity for Lily to engage in the healing powers of creating art and to share her story with pencil, paint and paper. Through the unfolding of Lilybart we hope to allow Lily and children with CF to feel inspired and to know that dreams and aspirations can blossom and take flight.

Lilybart is the seed from which we hope to effect a change in the lives of children and young adults suffering with this disease. It is the vehicle with which artists and children can collaborate to bring to fruition a work of art. From this art, greeting cards are made and sold at local boutiques and at lilybart.com.

Lilybart is a celebration, an affirmation for the importance of the moment and an acknowledgment of potential. The inspiration for Lilybart is a precocious, high-spirited and beautiful bundle of energy. Lily’s sparkle and cheer is the face to our endeavor… a vivacious, shining light.

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